More than 70% of people do not follow the correct elevator etiquette. Are your elevator manners up to scratch? Here are some elevator etiquette tips to make our trip from one floor to another more efficient…

Elevator Buttons – you only need to press the button once in the direction that you attend to go without pressing the other buttons. If you are standing near the buttons, be willing to push a button for someone who asks if you can.
Entering – while waiting to enter the lift, stand away from the doors. Someone may be exiting at this floor, and you should always let them exit before you attempt to enter
• Hold the door if someone is coming in. If you can see that someone is heading towards the lift from the outside and the door is closing – press the open door button and hold the door until they enter
• Respect their space – don’t squeeze into an elevator when there are already too many people. If the elevator is not full – give people their space, don’t stand on top of them. If you are entering into a crowded elevator with a backpack take it off and place it on the floor to allow more room. Don’t eat or slurp your drink in an elevator.

• Technology – if listening to music – turn down (or off) the device when entering the lift. End your phone conversation before getting into an elevator – you don’t need to subject everyone to your conversation.
• Elevator Talk – when entering a lift – a smile, a nod and short greeting is good etiquette. Keep small talk to a minimum (specially with strangers) – most people feel very uncomfortable in a confined space. Should you continue a conversation with your colleague once you enter the lift? Preferably not, unless its just the 2 of you.
• Exit quickly – so that those waiting to enter can do so. Don’t worry about letting other people off first. Simply exit but do not shove your way out or knock people over in the process.
• If you know you will be the last person to step out – stand the farthest from the lift door. This way you will avoid inconveniencing others.

Safe travels on the journey to the next floor!

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