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Hi there, I’m Haydee …

It was a defining moment as a Lóreal intern, in an executive boardroom, when I threw away a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After that day, I embarked on a journey to find “What makes people successful?”  I researched, studied, and networked with people of various cultures and diversity. I discovered you are not born with a “Success” gene but that successful people know how to constantly ReNEW themselves with focus and purpose.

I decided to no longer wait for a “seat at the table” but rather pull up a folding chair by ReNewing my Vision, Brand, Connections and Mindset. Four years later, I became the youngest Marketing Director of the world’s no. 1 cosmetic brand.

Every day, I meet leaders and team members who don’t know how to go from where they are to where they want to be.  What wasted potential both for them and their organizations!

To discover how we can help your audience, team members or leaders to Thrive  in the NOW and be Future-Fit for Success connect with me below.

“To THRIVE in the NOW & be Future Fit for Success,
you need to make ReNewal Your Superpower”

As a child born in a third-world country & living in four continents (by age ten) Haydee learned the skill of ReNewal at an early age to thrive in change & disruption.

More than ever our audiences need the Superpower of ReNewal to thrive personally and professionally.

From being the youngest director of multinational L’Oréal to owning retail stores – her work and life lessons embody courage & triumph over adversity.

Haydee’s book “Packaged For Success” ranked number one international Amazon bestseller in eleven categories. She is a CSP (certified speaking professional) a designation held by only 12% of professional speakers worldwide. She is also 1 of 150 worldwide ReInvention practioners.

Not bad for a Bolivian girl who dreamed to speak English one day!

Haydee sees her biggest achievement as giving birth to twins at age 47, together with her team she has coached celebrities (even a Miss World & Miss Universe), she dances to everything 80’s, delights in Costco shopping! She loves her life in the Temecula wine region of SoCal with her business partner and husband Nic, delightful 8 year old twins – Gia and Nicky, and her 14 year old brilliant Andrea.

If you want to know more…(this is the boring stuff)

✦  One of her greatest achievements was giving birth to twins at age 47!
✦ Her “Packaged for Success” book ranked no.1 International Amazon bestseller in 11 international Amazon categories!
✦ 1 of 150 globally certified ReInvention practitioners from the ReInvention Academy and ReInvention Guru – Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva
✦  CSP (certified speaking professional) the highest designation a professional speaker can attain internationally (only held by 12% of professional speakers worldwide ) – this guarantees her clients a high standard of excellence, eloquence, and expertise.
✦ Founded Haydee Antezana International in 2016 – a corporate and hospitality training consultancy.
✦ Founded Professional Impressions in 1999 – a corporate training consultancy.
✦ Co-authored the book “You’re on stage! Image, etiquette, branding & style.”
✦ Accredited life coach.
✦ Internationally certified Impression Management Specialist and Branding        expert.
✦ Marketing executive for 10 years at global cosmetics giants L’Oréal and Lancôme
✦  Bachelor of Commerce degree (majoring in Business Economics and Industrial/ Organisational Psychology) from Nelson Mandela University.
✦ International Honors Diploma in Advertising and Branding.