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Corporate & Hospitality Leaders – We Will Empower Your Teams To
Deliver WOW Brand Experiences That:

Turn Customers into Raving Fans.
Elevate the Brand’s Reputation.
Increase Sales & Revenue.




Warren Buffett said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes for 1 person to ruin it.”

I disagree, in today’s distraction economy and fast-paced world it takes 5 seconds for 1  employee to…

  • Destroy their personal and company’s reputation.
  • Diminish trust in the product or service offering.
  • Lose potential or existing clients.

Billboards provide Brand Awareness, Employees provide Brand Experiences & Impact.

We empower your teams with the skills to:

✓ Be PROUD Brand Ambassadors.
✓ Provide WOW Experiences.
✓ Build Trust & Loyalty.

If you want a 1 fits 1 – customized solution to make your in-house training or event a memorable success…

Then I am your go-to person!

For the last 20 years, my “Packaged For Success.™ program has provided proven results globally for companies like Hyatt, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, JP Morgan, Hilton.

My team and I have helped thousands of employees to:

  • Make professional presence part of their DNA.
  • Grow & improve leadership quality.
  • Elevate the employer brand.
  • Help create a culture of success.
I am your right choice, if you are looking for a speaker/trainer who provides:

  • Powerful, relevant content. The audience will walk away saying “that was really applicable to me.” Don’t take my word for it, view here.
  • Practical, cutting-edge information. As a 3X times business owner I share unique, global insights and experiences people love to hear.
  • Inspiring content. Which relates to their struggles/victories as graduates, managers, entrepreneurs, salesmen, parents. Been there…and still printing the t-shirt! Being a mum to delightful, busy toddler twins at age 50 also provides for great material!
  • Provocative yet playful. My INFO-tainment syle guarantees participants have a FUN and memorable experience.
  • Personalised. Never the same speech twice. Each presentation is customised from… videos to images to music to industry examples.
  • Passionate delivery. Impossible to walk away uninspired. Being half Spanish, half Bolivian, passion and energy are in my DNA!
  • Proven results. 99% of our clients rate us as meeting or exceeding expectations. 92% refer us to their network. Click here for testimonials.
  • ROI and ROE (Return on Engagement).
  • My book “Packaged For Success” which ranked no.1 International Amazon Best Seller in 11 categories.

If the above is what you are looking for your team or audience, connect with me here. I look forward to making your event/training a memorable success.

This is how your teams can benefit…

  • Enhanced self-awareness.
  • Improved visibility & credibility.
  • Increased confidence self-esteem.
  • Enhanced personal image & style.
  • Improved career opportunities.
  • Increased impact & influence.
  • Enhanced leadership potential.
  • Improved professionalism.

This is how the organization can benefit…

  • Motivated employees contributing to the brand’s success & vision.
  • Dedicated brand ambassadors.
  • Positive word-of-mouth & online reviews.
  • Increased trust in employees, leadership & the brand.
  • ROI & ROE (Return on Engagement).

If this is what you want for your team or audience connect with me here.

I’ll ensure your event/training is a memorable success.

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