⏱ In less than 5 seconds, people make 11 decisions about someone. Totally unaware, your leaders and team members can be…

  • Diminishing Trust in your Organization, Product or Service.
  • Losing Potential and Existing Customers.
  • Missing Out on Opportunities.

I work with your leaders and teams to Increase their “Influence and Impact Factor” so they avoid making these costly mistakes for your organization.




“Discovering The Art of Influence & Impact,
is Essential for Life & Work Success.”

No one was born with a success gene yet successful people have a Scientifically Proven “Secret Sauce”  … They know the Art of Influence & Impact.
In this fast changing world there has never been a more critical time for your leaders and teams to increase their INFLUENCE and IMPACT. Why?

✦ In their time-challenged, busy lives they need smart shortcuts to take advantage of opportunities for your organization to reach new success levels.
✦ It’s critical to develop leaders who are influential role models and inspire their teams into action.
✦ It is essential to make a “connection” with other team members, customers and stakeholders in a shorter time than ever before.

Do your Leaders & Team Members possess these skills?

We provide them with practical solutions to Influence & Impact with Intention & Integrity so that they…

  • Thrive Personally & Professionally.
  • Lead your Organization into the Future.
  • Show up as Top Brand Ambassadors.


Our Power-Packed, High Energy and Engaging Programs are a fit, if your organization needs to:

  • Drive Performance and Profits.
  • Delight your Customers.
  • Deliver on the Brand’s Promise.
  • Dominate your Competition.

For over 21 years I have provided proven results to organizations globally like Hyatt, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, JP Morgan, Hilton.

If you want your Leaders & Team Members to have more Influence and Impact to take your organization to new levels of success, connect with me here.



Her realistic, effective and humble approach resonated well with our employees and made a meaningful impact on their professional demeanor, which translated directly to our guests.  One of her best attributes was her hands-on approach – our employees loved that she got right in there with them, giving feedback and working out specific solutions to overcome their individual challenges.

If you are looking to empower your teams to reach new success levels Haydee is worth the investment!

Scott Sirois

General Manager, Coushatta Casino Resort

She helps you to think outside of the daily box. Haydee showed me how I can influence and engage with my department. All organizations would benefit from this program.

Jeffrey Duke

Director, Hotel Operations, Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa

She provided so much current and relevant content, delivered it all in an upbeat, engaging manner! I could listen to her all day!
I’m blown away at both her delivery and content. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more engaging speaker than Haydee.


Michelle Clark

Senior Vice President , HUB International

Haydee’s session was energetic, value-packed &  filled with practical tips & deep insights on how to package yourself for success. Over 200 participants were engaged & captivated by her meaningful stories, interactive work, and reflective exercises. She tells it like it is and will inspire & empower you & your teams to find the answers to elevate your personal & professional brand to new success levels

Patrice Olds

First Vice-President, City Clerk's Association of California (CCAC)

She’s one of the best, most engaging speakers I have seen in a long time. Her presentation style, engagement and content were beyond my very high expectations. She got rave reviews from the rest of the audience. Although customized for us, it is appropriate for all individuals, job roles, walks of life. If you are looking to engage your employees and strengthen their skills to show up as top brand ambassadors, I can’t recommend Haydee enough!. Dori Wittman

HR Consultant , HUB International

It was a pleasure dealing with Haydee, she is extremely resourceful, helpful and delivers above expectations. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed each session.

Elize Crampton

Vice President, Finance Management - J.P. Morgan

She is phenomenal! She had over 420 people up and energised, dancing and networking. Her message about the importance of elevating our brand was clear and professional.

Alice Sullivan

President/CEO , Temecula Chamber of Commerce

You have empowered me to mentorship my team and create sustainable actions that enhance my brand. I’m showing up more confident than ever before and loving the results!

Rick Hernon

Director of Property Management, Soboba Casino

Haydee delivered so much more than I expected. She extensively customized her message to our audience. Her powerful insights showed us what needed to be changed to achieve our personal & professional goals! She got rave reviews from our participants who walked out inspired & motivated. Haydee will elevate your group to new heights, guaranteed! She was well worth the investment.

Stephanie Dee Smith

President , City Clerks Association of California (CCAC)

I was deeply moved and empowered by Haydee’s energetic and practical insights! She’s a no frills speaker who tells it like it is and will inspire your teams to find the answers to elevate your personal and professional brand to new success levels. Truly worth the investment.

Christina Garza

Assistant Director HR, Waldorf Astoria

Thank you Haydee for your incredible presentation on building a STAND OUT personal brand. One that will make leaders visible, credible and profitable.

Duane Johnson

Director, Business Development, WorkPartners

I’ve been able to witness Haydee in both an intimate and larger setting on multiple occasions, and every single time, I walked away with a purpose because I was inspired not just be great, but exceptional.  Even if you think you are on point with everything pertaining to your own brand, Haydee will have something up her sleeve to teach you.

Nancy Hang Nguyen

Business Developer , Eastridge Workforce Solutions

Haydee’s presentation was insightful, encouraging, and very entertaining.

Al Rubio

VIP Program Manager, DCH Auto Group

Her keynote is a perfect blend of practical tools & powerful insights appropriate for any audience. She delivers more than a keynote, she delivers an EXPERIENCE! Haydee leaves her audiences with an overwhelming desire to TAKE ACTION NOW. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will energize and WOW your audience into action, Haydee delivers!

Melissa Wadley

President , North County HR San Diego

Haydee’s presentation at the California HR Conference was on point! In the quickly evolving and increasingly competitive world of work it’s imperative for us to stand out as business partner of choice to best move our companies forward. I loved learning about her useful “smart cuts” to help others see us in our packaging as the value we bring to others. I highly recommend Haydee for training at any company looking to adapt and evolve as a top brand to do business with.

Jennifer Blair

Chair, PIHRA ( Professionals In Human Resources Association) Los Angeles

Haydee, I am now really excited to rebrand myself and to emphasize the uniqueness I have to offer and to focus on my growth to help those around me grow and succeed. Thank you for this.

Shane Parashonts

Tribal Administrator , Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

Haydee was a powerful speaker, witty, charming, and engages the audience with impactful tips that empower them to make a difference in their professional presence.  I would highly recommend Haydee for any group interested in getting cutting edge info about how best present their brand!

Elizabeth Kennard

President, NAPW - South Orange County, CA

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