Corporate & Hospitality Leaders – We Empower Your Teams To…

Stay Ahead of the Curve.
Build & Maintain a Culture of Success.
Provide Memorable Customer Experiences.
Increase Brand Trust & Loyalty.




⏱ In less than 5 seconds, a customer makes 11 decisions about an employee.
Totally unaware, your team members can be…

□ Driving business away.
□ Tarnishing the brand reputation.
□ Diminishing trust in the company, product or service.
□ Losing potential & existing customers.
□ Missing out on success opportunities.

Future-Proof Your Teams To Reach
New Success Levels & Gain A Competitive Edge in 2019! 

We’ll equip your employees with the skills to:

✓ Make Professional Presence part of their DNA.
✓ Grow & Improve Leadership Quality.
✓ Elevate their Personal & Organization’s Brand.
✓ Create a Culture of Success.

If you want a 1 fits 1 – customized solution to make your in-house training or event a memorable success…

Then I am your go-to person!

For the last 20 years, my Packaged For Success™ program has provided proven results globally for companies like Hyatt, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, JP Morgan, Hilton.

My team and I have helped thousands of employees to:

  • Make professional presence part of their DNA.
  • Grow & improve leadership quality.
  • Elevate the employer brand.
  • Help create a culture of success.

    For valuable insights to Future-Proof your Teams for Success, let’s connect. Click here for my calendar.


“It takes 20 years to build a reputation
and 5 minutes to ruin it.”

Warren Buffet

I disagree. with Warren on today’s fast paced, distraction economy it can take as little as 5 seconds for your personal and organization’s brand to be ruined!
If you want to avoid this from happenning  and you’d like some insights on how to Future-Proof your Teams for Success, connect with me here.

Discover how our keynotes and workshops will deliver these benefits…

🏆 Benefits for the Organization

✦ Motivated Teams “Living” the Brand.
✦ Increased Trust in Leadership & the Company.
✦ ROI & ROE (Return on Engagement).

🥇Benefits for your Teams

✦ Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem.
✦ Improved Career Opportunities.
✦ Enhanced Leadership Quality.
Improved Visibility & Credibility.
Increased Impact & Influence.

📞 For a customised solution to Future-Proof your Teams and to ensure your event/training is a memorable success, click here to schedule a call.




Haydee’s presentation was insightful, encouraging, and very entertaining.

Al Rubio

VIP Program Manager, DCH Auto Group

Thank you Haydee for your incredible presentation on building a STAND OUT personal brand. One that will make leaders visible, credible and profitable.

Duane Johnson

Director, Business Development, WorkPartners

She’s one of the best, most engaging speakers I have seen in a long time. Her presentation style, engagement and content were beyond my very high expectations. She got rave reviews from the rest of the audience. Although customized for us, it is appropriate for all individuals, job roles, walks of life. If you are looking to engage your employees and strengthen their skills to show up as top brand ambassadors, I can’t recommend Haydee enough!. Dori Wittman

HR Consultant , HUB International

It was a pleasure dealing with Haydee, she is extremely resourceful, helpful and delivers above expectations. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed each session.

Elize Crampton

Vice President, 1B Finance & Bus Mgmt - J.P. Morgan

Haydee’s presentation at the California HR Conference 2018 was on point! In the quickly evolving and increasingly competitive world of work it’s imperative for us to stand out as business partner of choice to best move our companies forward. I loved learning about her useful “smart cuts” to help others see us in our packaging as the value we bring to others. I highly recommend Haydee for training at any company looking to adapt and evolve as a top brand to do business with.

Jennifer Blair

Vice Chair, PIHRA ( Professionals In Human Resources Association)

Haydee was a powerful speaker, witty, charming, and engages the audience with impactful tips that empower them to make a difference in their professional presence.  I would highly recommend Haydee for any group interested in getting cutting edge info about how best present their brand!

Elizabeth Kennard

President, NAPW - South Orange County, CA

Haydee is the consummate professional in all that she does. After attending her workshops, seeing her present, and working with her on projects, she has impressed me with her street-smart savvy, innovative approach, thoroughness, entertaining audience engagement, and motivating style. People who work with Haydee have the skills and know-how to present themselves to the world with their best foot forward. She is a must for all professionals!

Lorna Riley

CEO, Chart Learning Solutions

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