Empower your teams to:
Elevate the company’s brand reputation at each touch point.
Build client trust and loyalty.
Gain new and repeat business.


Warren Buffett said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes for 1 person to ruin it.”  

I disagree, in today’s distraction economy and fast paced world it takes  5 seconds for 1  employee to…

Destroy their personal and  company’s reputation.
Diminish trust in the product or service offering.
Lose a potential or existing client.

If you want your team or event audience to:

Be stimulated with new ideas.
Be inspired and entertained by a global speaker.
Experience engaging, cutting edge content to accelerate their success.
Walk away with practical, powerful tools to use daily.
Take personal accountability and ACTION.

And…if they are ready for a breath of fresh air, insights and humor …

Then I am your go-to person!

As a keynote/conference speaker and workshop facilitator, I’ve spent 19 years working with global HR and management leaders. I understand your frustration when team members do not represent the organization’s brand and values. By providing the tools to command professional presence we have helped thousands of employees to:

Gain a higher self-awareness.
Elevate their personal and organization’s brand reputation at each touch point.
Build client trust and loyalty.

I am your right choice, if you are looking for a speaker/trainer who provides:

Powerful, relevant content. The audience will walk away saying “that was really applicable to me.” Don’t take my word for it, view here.
Practical, cutting edge information. As a 3X times business owner I share unique, global insights and experiences people love to hear.
Inspiring content. Which relates to their struggles/victories as graduates, managers, entrepreneurs, salesmen, parents. Been there…and still printing the t-shirt! Being a mum to delightful, busy toddler twins at age 50 also provides for great material!
Provocative yet playful. My INFO-tainment syle guarantees participants have a FUN and memorable experience.

Personalised. Never the same speech twice. Each presentation is customised from… videos to images to music to industry examples.
Passionate delivery. Impossible to walk away uninspired. Being half Spanish, half Bolivian, passion and energy are in my DNA!
Proven results. 99% of our clients rate us as meeting or exceeding expectations. 92% refer us to their network. Click here for testimonials.
ROI and ROE (Return on Engagement).
My book “Packaged For Success” which ranked no.1 International Amazon Best Seller in 11 categories.

If the above is what you are looking for your team or audience, connect with me here. I look forward to making  your event/training a memorable success.


“I was you” for 10 years… As Marketing Manager for L’Oréal, I had to select speakers/trainers for local and global events. I’ve been the “Hirer”and the “Hired”.

I know the responsibility you carry. Your in-house training or event success rests highly on your choice of speakers and trainers. But the focus of your conference is not on me or you. It’s on your audience or team. So what’s in it for THEM?

Your audience, new hires, existing employees will be empowered to:

Increase Visibility and Presence.
Enhance Credibility.
Gain a Competitive Edge.
Create New Opportunities.
Accelerate Business Success.
Boost Sales and Profits.
Create Career Advancement Possibilities.
Elevate Personal and Company Brand Reputation.

If this is what you want for your team or audience connect with me here.
I’ll ensure your event/training is a memorable success.

What Clients Are Saying…

  • Haydee was a powerful speaker, witty, charming, and engages the audience with impactful tips that empowers them to make a difference in their professional presence.  I would highly recommend Haydee for any group interested in getting cutting edge info about how best present their brand!

    Elizabeth Kennard - President NAPW - South Orange County, CA
  • My personalized consultation was a truly refreshing experience. I look forward to renewing my wardrobe. ‘Shopping for clothes’ is no longer an effort, as I now have direction and can make quick and effective decisions.

    Janine Smit – General Manager – Kintetsu World Express
  • Thank you for making me feel at ease in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Many women feel intimidated by having a complete stranger look at their figure, wardrobe and the style choices that they have lived with for many years. Haydee was extremely professional, friendly, yet open and honest in a non-threatening manner. I am now very conscious of what to avoid as well as where to be a bit more daring.

    Ursula Du Preez – Product Manager – AstraZeneca
  • I was at my Final year of Studies looking towards breaking into the Finance industry when you coached me –  I  struggled to stand out, but every word of your coaching spoke to me from Dressing for Success into becoming the Brand of choice. I must say since that day I have not looked back. I am now a Private Banker – thank you Haydee!

    Oletta Ntshane – Private Banker
  • Going through Haydee’s program I personally realized that when you look good you feel good and confident and you want to take on the world. And by the way – you don’t have to be rich to look good. Like you said, a few pieces of quality items, a good fit, some mixing and matching, and you good to go. 

    Eva Jacobs – Business Manager
  • I can say that your coaching changed my life. And thanks to you I am living my dream. It has changed how I dress at work, how I take care of my clients, but also my personal life. My sales have increased. My relationships with clients and colleagues have improved a lot and nothing can get me down. 

    Nita Pelzer – Sales Manager – CIB Insurance
  • This lady walks her talk! She is professional, an expert in her field and a great listener. She wants what is best for you and the impression you make on the world.

    Chiqeeta Jameson, Founder - BedRock Sales Training
  • Haydee and her team are amazing. Smart, professional and always deliver exceptional value. Highly recommend.

    Liz Papagni, CEO, Marketing Initiative Worx
  • Haydee is your go-to person when it comes to motivating and empowering your team. She really knows how to help you and your company enhance your brand reputation so you can gain even more credibility in your industry.

    Lindsey O'Çonnor - writer, editor and storyteller.
  • Haydee will give your business the kind of first impressions that you dream of. Whether you want to stand out personally or train your team to be superstars, Haydee will elevate your customer experience so high that they just keep coming back over and over again.

    Allison Maslan - CEO & President at Allison Maslan
  • Haydee's talk was particularly refreshing for us as speakers. It serves as a harsh yet critical reminder of the importance of our consistent brand in everything we do, and provides for new ideas that are easy yet incredibly effective to implement. We can never get complacent in our brand and Haydee walks her talk in a way that inspires us to re-evaluate and revamp to suit today's environment.

    Lesley Everett-Founder and CEO, Walking TALL International, Past-President of the Global Speakers Federation
  • It was a pleasure dealing with Haydee, she is extremely resourceful, helpful and delivers above expectations. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed each session.

    Elize Crampton - Vice President – IB Finance & Bus Mgmt – J.P. Morgan
  • I have attended many training sessions over many days which has not taught me what I learned in this presentation. This was powerful.

    MJ - Associate Director – PWC
  • Your presentation was amazing, all were overwhelmed. You made it interesting and factual. The learning guides were an unexpected bonus, which the members are still referring to.

    Lindiwe Ngcobo, Chairperson – SAWEN KZN
  • I never thought that your presentation would have had such an impact on me. It was truly an eye opening experience for me.I have already started to ‘re-design’ my brand and I was amazed that by simply making a few changes I have had an amazing response.

    Yolandi Hassink, PA – Premier Foods Pretoria Maize Mill
  • I would like to thank you for an amazing presentation. Everyone flooded us with appreciation. I personally gained a lot of insight into myself and from the moment the session was complete I walked out knowing I needed to become proactive in defining my own path and not wait for others to hopefully see potential. Thank you so so much.

    Claudia De Abreu, HR Assistant – Premier Foods
  • Audience participation was excellent, information tailor made and relevant to our industry.

    Steven Donald, Corporate Account Manager – Discovery
  • I highly recommend Haydee for her business manner, powerful message, contagious energy – the staff just keep coming back for more!

    Shirley Van Biljon, Communications Co-Ordinator – Vodacom
  • I would recommend this course to all in order to empower themselves in the corporate environment.

    John Sichinga Manager – Sasol Synfuels International
  • The impact the training had on our team of consultants was dynamic with immediate effect! Watching our staff apply the tools and techniques that you shared with us in such a polished and proficient manner has been testament to a truly unique and invaluable experience.

    Kim Tomlinson Executive – The IQ Business Group
  • It was a great pleasure working with Haydee and her team, their ability to meet our needs was astounding. The content was easy to relate to and had a lasting impression on our staff. We believe it was really a worthwhile investment.

    Jean Labuschagne, Assurance Learning & Development – Ernst & Young
  • It was a great pleasure working with Haydee. Her flexibility to our team's and company's needs was amazing. She has changed their daily lives of our professional staff.

    Babalwa Ngonyama, Partner - Deloitte
  • It is not often that you find a speaker with a deliverance of such a meaningful and powerful message which, is too presented in a professional, informative and fun manner. One cannot help but leave with a renewed sense of well being and enlightenment, you are a star, thank you Haydee.

    Theresa Mather, Key Accounts Manager – DB Schenker
  • Your presentations addressed the needs of the delegates both in substance and style. You demonstrated the mark of a true professional by tailoring your message just for us. Your presence is needed on the global stage, especially during these trying times. I wish you great success in delivering your message to people around the world.

    Lenora Billings-Harris, Past President – National Speakers Association USA
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