Partners in Excellence

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 Partners in Excellence

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The Design Lot – Charlotte, Graphic Designer

The Design Lot is a bespoke creative agency specialising in, but not limited to — concepts, corporate identities, and branding. Charlotte works hand-in-hand with her clients to create a perfect identity and brand recognition of their company, which showcases their personality and speaks to their clients. She provides inspirational ideas and ensures consistent delivery of best in-industry design, marketing, and brand innovation focused on setting her clients apart. Connect with Charlotte at The Design Lot as a referral from Haydee Antezana for a design consultation.

Connect with Charlotte, Graphic Designer at The Design Lot here:



Services & Specialties

  • Branding
  • Creative Design Concepts
  • Corporate Identities

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Mpower Web Solutions – Chad Heintz, Digital Marketing Specialist, Web Designer & Webmaster – Temecula, CA

Chad Heintz is founder and owner of Mpower Web Solutions, a versatile web design and marketing services business operating out of Murrieta/Temecula, CA since 2010. Mpower Web Solutions offers digital marketing-driven solutions and business/marketing technology training services with an emphasis on developing compelling content marketing campaigns, along with WordPress-driven web design to simplify content management and campaign insights. Mpower Web Solutions’ mission is simple: To deliver value-driven digital marketing services and e-commerce solutions to a diverse clientele with professionalism and integrity. 

“Mpower Web Solutions was developed from a driving need to empower small and growing businesses through a full-service marketing approach and around a simple mission statement: To deliver value-driven digital marketing services and e-commerce solutions to a diverse clientele with professionalism and integrity.”  –  Chad Heintz, Owner, Mpower Web Solutions


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Services & Specialties

  • Business & Marketing Plans
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • E-Commerce Carts & Storefronts
  • Mobile-first & Fully-responsive WordPress Websites
  • Pay-per-Click & SEM/SEO Management
  • Website Hosting, Maintenance & Webmaster