■ Do you project trust and credibility in less than 5 seconds?

   ■ Does your image and online brand presence represent the best YOU?

   ■ Are you getting the recognition and career opportunities you deserve?

In “Packaged for Success” you will learn:

How To Create A Powerful Personal Brand To Make You


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Through  inspiring stories and practical examples you’ll discover…

■ How to create your personal brand blueprint for success.
■ Powerful strategies top brands use to build credibility and trust.
■ Ways to dress to influence how you want to be addressed.
■ Simple steps to find your Why factor and lose your Zzz factor.
■ Modern day manners for  different situations.
■ Clever new ways to network to increase your net worth.
■ How to create a 5-star online presence to gain visibility.
■ Proven practices to design a mindset of success.




As a conference speaker and workshop presenter, Haydee has spent over 20 years contributing to the success of C-Suite and HR executives from companies
such as PWC, Hyatt, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Hilton and countless others. She empowers their teams with the skills to:

■ Become top brand ambassadors.

■ Build trust and gain customer loyalty.

■ Deliver a WOW customer experience.

■ Enhance professionalism.

■ Improve personal image and style.

■ Increase revenue and sales.

Haydee’s charisma and INFO-tainment style has made her a stand-out presenter for in-house workshops, onboarding programs and conferences worldwide. She lives her dream lifestyle in the Temecula wine region of Southern California, with her husband and 3 kids (including busy, toddler twins)!