Haydee personally designs and delivers every keynote to create meaningful, measurable improvements for attendees.


Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Make Your Own:  Keynotes can combine between 2-4 topics below according to the duration required.

Future-Proof Brand YOU

Discover your Brand Personality.
The Formula for Success.
The 3 C’s of making a Powerful Impression

The Personal Touch

How to be RE MARK ABLE.
Add Distinction to avoid Extinction.
Turn Business Transaction to Human Interactions.
Do you have the Trust Factor?

Elevate Your Online Brand

Business via word of “Mouse”.
Online Profile = Electronic Business Card.
3 ways to be noticed on LinkedIn.
Social Media Mistakes to avoid.

Look the Part

Dress how you want to be Addressed.
Avoid the Workplace Warts.
Accentuate your Newscaster Area.
How to “LOOK” 2018.

Professional Presence

The Secret of Great Presence.
Make Memorable Introductions.
3 Steps to Ace your Handshake.
Social Etiquette Principles.

Walk Your Talk

How to stay Top of Mind.
The Art of Small Talk.
How to connect in 5 minutes.
Design your Elevator Speech.
Your Room Game Plan.

Get a PMA Degree

Be Limit Less.
Get out of your own way.

Haydee personally designs and delivers every workshop to create meaningful, measurable improvements for attendees.


Duration:  Half Day | 1 or 2 Days

Workshops cover the topics below.

These are customized according to the client’s needs, industry, audience, and the duration required.


Brand YOU

  • Discover how their First Impressions form Lasting Opinions.
  • Have a clear idea of what their Personal Brand is.
  • Learn the 3 essentials of designing a Powerful and Memorable Brand.
  • Identify how to be their organization’s top Brand Ambassador.
  • Recognise opportunities to increase visibility of their brand and their organization’s brand.

(To complete full module = 4 hours)

Modern Day Manners

  • Discover the importance of having the Etiquette Edge in a multi-generational, diverse workplace.
  • Learn how to make Memorable Introductions.
  • Recognise the different Types of Handshakes and their meanings.
  • Identify the 3 Steps in giving the Best Handshake.
  • Learn the Body Language Secrets to convey Confidence.
  • Recognise negative Body Language and its meaning.
  • Discover the Unwritten Office Rules every professional should know.
  • Identify the do’s and don’ts of an Open Plan Office.
  • Apply the 3 P’s of Meeting Manners.
  • Identify how to exchange and use Business Cards effectively.
  • Learn appropriate Email Etiquette principles.
  • Recognise the do’s and dont’s of Cell Phone use.
  • Discover the key essentials to maximise your Online Presence.
  • Learn the top 3 Social Media Mistakes to avoid.

Look the Part

  • Identify how to obtain the balance of Trendy vs. Professional.
  • Recognise how to Dress in the way you want to be Addressed.
  • Learn the principle of Association Dressing: the appropriate dress level for the situation, interaction.
  • Eliminate the stress of “What to Wear?”
  • Understand how NOT to do Casual Friday.
  • Discover your Body Shape and what suits you best. Personalised measuring.
  • Learn the correct fit of clothing for YOU to achieve the highest impact. From shirts, skirts, pants to jackets.
  • Apply practical tips to present a Polished Professional Look.
  • Determine the Workplace Warts – absolute no-no’s for the workplace.
  • Discover the Secret to “Look 2019.”
  • Understand the Language of Colour and what messages you are sending.
  • Recognise the importance of detail: from shoes, belts, accessories, hairstyles to chipped nail polish – it all counts!
  • Establish the 30 – Second Image Checklist every day.
  • Identify how to Buy Smart and Look Great on any budget.
  • Discover the 3 Investment Principles to have a successful working wardrobe.
  • Apply the Capsule Concept – create more than 30 looks from a few items.
  • Discover the Top 10 Must – Have Clothing items.

A Mindset of Success

  • Recognise the powerful impact of a Positive Mindset.
  • Discover the steps to obtain a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Degree.
  • Develop an Attitude of Gratitude.
  • Identify how to make your Leap of Success. 


Thank you Haydee for your incredible presentation on building a STAND OUT personal brand. One that will make leaders visible, credible and profitable.

Duane Johnson

Director, Business Development, WorkPartners

Haydee’s session was energetic, value-packed &  filled with practical tips & deep insights on how to package yourself for success. Over 200 participants were engaged & captivated by her meaningful stories, interactive work, and reflective exercises. She tells it like it is and will inspire & empower you & your teams to find the answers to elevate your personal & professional brand to new success levels

Patrice Olds

First Vice-President, City Clerk's Association of California (CCAC)

She’s one of the best, most engaging speakers I have seen in a long time. Her presentation style, engagement and content were beyond my very high expectations. She got rave reviews from the rest of the audience. Although customized for us, it is appropriate for all individuals, job roles, walks of life. If you are looking to engage your employees and strengthen their skills to show up as top brand ambassadors, I can’t recommend Haydee enough!. Dori Wittman

HR Consultant , HUB International

It was a pleasure dealing with Haydee, she is extremely resourceful, helpful and delivers above expectations. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed each session.

Elize Crampton

Vice President, Finance Management - J.P. Morgan

She is phenomenal! She had over 420 people up and energised, dancing and networking. Her message about the importance of elevating our brand was clear and professional.

Alice Sullivan

President/CEO , Temecula Chamber of Commerce

She provided so much current and relevant content, delivered it all in an upbeat, engaging manner! I could listen to her all day!
I’m blown away at both her delivery and content. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more engaging speaker than Haydee.


Michelle Clark

Senior Vice President , Health & Performance Practice - HUB International

You have empowered me to mentorship my team and create sustainable actions that enhance my brand. I’m showing up more confident than ever before and loving the results!

Rick Hernon

Director of Property Management

Haydee was a powerful speaker, witty, charming, and engages the audience with impactful tips that empower them to make a difference in their professional presence.  I would highly recommend Haydee for any group interested in getting cutting edge info about how best present their brand!

Elizabeth Kennard

President, NAPW - South Orange County, CA

Haydee is the consummate professional in all that she does. After attending her workshops, seeing her present, and working with her on projects, she has impressed me with her street-smart savvy, innovative approach, thoroughness, entertaining audience engagement, and motivating style. People who work with Haydee have the skills and know-how to present themselves to the world with their best foot forward. She is a must for all professionals!

Lorna Riley

CEO, Chart Learning Solutions

Haydee delivered so much more than I expected. She extensively customized her message to our audience. Her powerful insights showed us what needed to be changed to achieve our personal & professional goals! She got rave reviews from our participants who walked out inspired & motivated. Haydee will elevate your group to new heights, guaranteed! She was well worth the investment.

Stephanie Dee Smith

President , City Clerks Association of California (CCAC)

I’ve been able to witness Haydee in both an intimate and larger setting on multiple occasions, and every single time, I walked away with a purpose because I was inspired not just be great, but exceptional.  Even if you think you are on point with everything pertaining to your own brand, Haydee will have something up her sleeve to teach you.

Nancy Hang Nguyen

Business Developer , Eastridge Workforce Solutions

Haydee’s presentation was insightful, encouraging, and very entertaining.

Al Rubio

VIP Program Manager, DCH Auto Group

Her keynote is a perfect blend of practical tools & powerful insights appropriate for any audience. She delivers more than a keynote, she delivers an EXPERIENCE! Haydee leaves her audiences with an overwhelming desire to TAKE ACTION NOW. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will energize and WOW your audience into action, Haydee delivers!

Melissa Wadley

President , North County HR San Diego

Haydee’s presentation at the California HR Conference was on point! In the quickly evolving and increasingly competitive world of work it’s imperative for us to stand out as business partner of choice to best move our companies forward. I loved learning about her useful “smart cuts” to help others see us in our packaging as the value we bring to others. I highly recommend Haydee for training at any company looking to adapt and evolve as a top brand to do business with.

Jennifer Blair

Chair, PIHRA ( Professionals In Human Resources Association) Los Angeles

Haydee, I am now really excited to rebrand myself and to emphasize the uniqueness I have to offer and to focus on my growth to help those around me grow and succeed. Thank you for this.

Shane Parashonts

Tribal Administrator , Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

Your flexibility to our needs was amazing. You have changed their daily lives of our professional staff. 

Babalwa Ngonyama

Partner, Deloitte

Her presentations are relevant, motivational and life-changing. We often see the mental shift from good to great in our staff post attending the workshops

Zee Harduth CA (SA)

Training Officer, Nedbank Ltd

I highly recommend them for their business manner, powerful message, contagious energy – the staff just
keep coming back for more!

Shirley Van Biljon

Communications Coordinator, Vodacom

There is a buzz at the office amongst the group that attended the course. You could immediately see a change the next day. The group is continuously giving feedback to each other w.r.t. the Professional Impressions principles that you have taught us. We are all very aware of us being a brand for ourselves. Your session truly has made an impact on all of us.

Nydia Hopley

Human Resources, Sanlam

The impact you had on our team was dynamic and with immediate effect! Watching our staff apply the tools you shared in such a polished and proficient manner has been a testament to a truly unique and invaluable experience.

Kim Tomlinson

Executive, The IQ Group

I have attended many training sessions over many days which has not taught me what I learned in 1 day. This was powerful.


Associate Director, PWC

Your consummate professionalism, exemplary work ethic, and dedication have never failed us. Tailor-made for the interventions at hand – your approach has been spot on every time with employees talking about the effect your messaging has, months after having experienced your golden touch!

Leonilda Koster

Communications Manager, Sasol Synfuels International