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Our customized programs are based on 21 years of experience, proven principles, extensive research and interviews with industry leaders.

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  Ignite Your

Influence & Impact

Daily, your leaders and team members have a profound influence and impact on your customers and each other. In today’s “instant” world there has never been a more critical time for your leaders and team members to intentionally increase their INFLUENCE and IMPACT, so they…

✓ become influential role models – inspiring others into action.
✓ create exceptional experiences.
✓ flourish personally and professionally.

Key Takeaways

In this power-packed, high energy and customized program your leaders, teams and audience will discover how to….

  •  Implement the 4 Step Plan to Influence and Impact for remarkable success in their daily role.
  • Assess their current “Impact Level” and design their ideal “Impact Factor” through fun and
    engaging activities.
  • Identify how to remain relevant in their role and industry through the power of Re-Invention.
  • Project the 2 “Powerful Presence Principles” to display authenticity and confidence.
  • Apply 3 smart shortcuts to create meaningful rapport and connection.
  • Transform internal limitations into opportunities through the “Limitless Principle”.

    This program is the right fit if your organization needs to:

    ✓ Drive performance and profits.
    ✓ Delight your customers.
    ✓ Inspire your leaders and teams.

How to Future-Proof Brand YOU!

Successful individuals in every industry have developed powerful personal brands that have transformed their lives personally and professionally. When your leaders, team members, audience learn how to Future-Proof their personal brand, they will:

✓ have a competitive edge and be ahead of the curve.
✓ create new opportunities for them and the organizations.
✓ show up as exceptional brand ambassadors.

Key Takeaways

In this interactive, insightful and practical program, your leaders, teams and audience will discover how to….

✦ Implement 3 essential ways to upgrade their personal brand for long term success.
✦ Identify their unique brand “Personality” via their smartphones.
✦ Apply the “Likeability Factor” to create lasting connections.
✦ Use the best online secret to promote themselves and the organization.
✦ Develop practical Social “Intelligence” steps for success  in their role.
✦ Stop sabotaging their unlimited potential.

This program is the right fit if your organization needs their leaders, teams and audience to…

✓ Be prepared for current and future opportunities.
✓ Elevate their teams’ personal brand and the organizations brand for long-term success.
✓ Stand out from the competition and increase brand loyalty.
✓ Think outside the box and be ahead of the curve.

 Are your Teams Packaged For Success?

Succesful people are not born with a success gene. They know the Secret Sauce to be Packaged For Success. Every day I meet brilliant, smart individuals from various industries. Sadly the world will never know them or their services or company. Why? They don’t know how to be Packaged For Success.

Key Takeaways

In this engaging, power-packed, high energy program, your leaders, teams and audience will discover how to:

✦ Apply the secrets top leaders use to influence the Impressions they make on others.
✦ Evaluate how they “show up” and connect with others through a real-time assessment.
✦ Implement the 2 essential steps to project a “Powerful Presence”
✦ Learn to Walk Their Talk.
✦ Dress how they want to be addressed.
✦ Insert the EXTRA into Ordinary to establish memorable experiences.
✦ Apply Social “Intelligence” principles crucial for their role.
✦ Implement the “Success Advantage”
✦ Move from the comfort zone to the confidence zone.
✦ Apply the Power of “Likeable”.
✦ Learn to have Mindset of Success.

This program is the right fit if your organization needs their leaders, teams and audience to…

✓ Increase their credibility, visibility and the organization’s profitability.
✓ Become impactful brand ambassadors.
✓ Increase engagement and performance.


In the next 20 years, more than 1 billion women will enter the workforce. We are the largest emerging market next to China and Brazil. The buzzword is the Future is Female! So why do women in the US still hold only 10 % of top executive positions? Why did the number of female CEOs fall by 25% in Fortune 500 companies? How can we Ellevate Brand Woman today?

In this Engaging, Solutions Driven & Power-Packed Program, Your Audience Will Discover How to…

✦ How to avoid the top 3 female executive blunders.
✦ Implement what influential women leaders do differently.
✦ Steps to design a Stand Out brand ways and develop an influential Presence.

This program is the right fit if you are hosting a professional, entrepreneur women event or for your organization’s women’s forum and you want your audience to:

✓ Position themselves for higher success levels.
✓ Be motivated to pull out a folding chair if there is no seat at the table.
✓ Be inspired to become exceptional role models.


Scott Sirois – General Manager – Coushatta Casino Resort
Scott Sirois
General Manager, Coushatta Casino Resort

Her realistic, effective and humble approach resonated well with our employees and made a meaningful impact on their professional demeanor, which translated directly to our guests.  One of her best attributes was her hands-on approach – our employees loved that she got right in there with them, giving feedback and working out specific solutions to overcome their individual challenges.

If you are looking to empower your teams to reach new success levels Haydee is worth the investment!

Stephanie Dee Smith – President – CCAC
Stephanie Dee Smith
President , City Clerks Association of California (CCAC)

Haydee delivered so much more than I expected. She extensively customized her message to our audience. Her powerful insights showed us what needed to be changed to achieve our personal & professional goals! She got rave reviews from our participants who walked out inspired & motivated. Haydee will elevate your group to new heights, guaranteed! She was well worth the investment.

Jeffrey Duke – Director of Hotel Operations – Agua Caliente
Jeffrey Duke
Director, Hotel Operations, Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa

She helps you to think outside of the daily box. Haydee showed me how I can influence and engage with my department. All organizations would benefit from this program.

Christina Garza – Assistant Director HR – Waldorf Astoria
Christina Garza
Assistant Director HR, Waldorf Astoria

I was deeply moved and empowered by Haydee’s energetic and practical insights! She’s a no-frills speaker who tells it like it is and will inspire your teams to find the answers to elevate your personal and professional brand to new success levels. Truly worth the investment.

Michelle Clark – Senior Vice President – HUB International
Michelle Clark
Senior Vice President , HUB International

She provided so much current and relevant content and delivered it all in an upbeat, engaging manner! I could listen to her all day! I’m blown away at both her delivery and content. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more engaging speaker than Haydee.

Melissa Wadley – President – North County HR San Diego
Melissa Wadley
President, North County HR San Diego

Her keynote is a perfect blend of practical tools & powerful insights appropriate for any audience. She delivers more than a keynote, she delivers an EXPERIENCE! Haydee leaves her audiences with an overwhelming desire to TAKE ACTION NOW. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who will energize and WOW your audience into action, Haydee delivers!

Elize Crampton -Vice President – Finance Management – J.P. Morgan
Elize Crampton
Vice President, Finance Management - J.P. Morgan

It was a pleasure dealing with Haydee, she is extremely resourceful, helpful and delivers above expectations. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed each session.