Ladies, here are some great tips to transform yourself from work professional to glamor goddess in 15 minutes – whilst still looking professional.

1. If you are wearing a dark suit…

• Change your work top for one  in a glamor fabric like chiffon, silk or satin. You can’t beat a cream silk blouse with pearls for sophistication.
• Swop your office shoes for evening shoes covered in a luxurious fabric – velvet, silk satin or suede.
• Select blouses or shoes with embellishments such as rhinestones, crystals, pearls or sequins
• Introduce jewel colors in your blouse or shoes such as emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, and turquoise blue.

• Nothing says evening more than a combo of gold or silver and black.

2. If you are wearing a shift dress…

• Change office shoes to killer heels, or bejewelled sandals. Be confident in walking in them.
• Enhance your jewellery – try pearls, crystals, diamante. Wear a chocker necklace if you have a longer neck. For short necks, rounder faces – elongated necklaces are better.
• Drape an evening shawl or pashmina round your shoulders in a jewel color (see above).

3. If you are wearing dark trousers or a skirt…

• Team with cropped evening jacket in a glamor fabric like  velvet or with a satin or lace detail.
• Slip on an evening blouse with chiffon cut outs, lace blocking or diamante.
• Tops can have more plunging necklines and hemlines can be slightly shorter than during the day – at all times remember is the event social or business?
• Choose to reveal shape or skin not both – too tacky.


4. Add Shimmer, Shine and Sparkle…

• Metallics are made for sultry evenings whether in fabrics or accessories – shoes, bags and jewellery.
• Change your big office bag to a clutch or small evening bag.

• Jewel encrusted sandals, a sparkle of crystals on your bag.
• Intensify eyeshadow, use a liquid eyeliner, add bronzer and shimmering highlighter on cheek and brow bone. Intensify your lip color with a darker color(try wine red, red) and add shine to lips.
• Use a body bronzer or a shimmering body lotion on décolleté, legs and arms.
• Sleek back hair with gel for a sophisticated effect or pin up in a high bun or ponytail.
• “Bling” it out! Use sparkling hair accessories.

“Gift wrap” your brand to impress management, colleagues and friends. How ornate your wrapping will depend on the function: work – a little less daring; a hot date – sizzling! So don’t be timid showcase your sizzle.


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