Why Hire Haydee?

Proven Results

97% of her clients rate her as meeting or exceeding expectations. 92% refer her to their network – an indication that they value her programs and services!


Haydee is a CSP – a designation given by the National Speakers Association and held by 12% of professional speakers worldwide. This guarantees you the highest level of excellence, eloquence and expertise.

Top Value: ROI & ROE

Read her client testimonials – over again they state she was the greatest value for money and return on engagement. She invests the time providing a pre-event survey, participant feedback, video after the speech. You get much more than just a program when you hire Haydee.

The Right Choice

In her previous “life” as a Director for a multinational – she hired speakers for monthly events – she understands the responsibility you have to make the right selection for your audience and to make the event a memorable success.

Truly Customized Presentation

She undertakes due diligence with in-depth research, client interviews and “a day in the life of…” walk to highly customize the content so it relates to your participants, organization culture and values, industry, and even event theme. The presentation is about your audience not about Haydee!

Vast Business Experience

From being the youngest Marketing Director for L’Oreal, to working with a presidential team, to coaching Miss World, to owning retail stores to manufacturing cosmetics; working with leaders and their teams for over 21 years Haydee’s experiences provide valuable insights and evidence-based examples which are memorable and actionable.

EDU-Tained & Engaged Audience

She captures and keeps participants’ attention with fun, thought- provoking activities, humor, cutting edge content and compelling stories that stick. Her actionable and practical steps are valuable to your leaders, teams, and participants as they can be put into action immediately.

Topic Expert: Influence, Impact & Personal Branding

For over 21 years Haydee has worked with leaders and teams of Fortune 500 companies like Mercedes-Benz, Hilton, JP Morgan to increase their influence and impact. Together with her team she has also coached celebrities, Miss World and Miss Universe.