Corporate Speaker | Trainer | Professional Impressions Expert

“Billboards provides Brand Awareness, employees provide Brand Experiences & Impact.” Haydee Antezana – Professional Presence|Branding Expert

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” Harold S. Geneen

Best Audiences: Professionals, Emerging Leaders, Interns/graduates, Entrepreneurs.

Suitable Events: Workshops, Teambuilding, Onboarding Programs, Trainee Programs, Annual Conferences, Break-out sessions, Association Meetings.

Main Industries: Corporate, Hospitality, Native Tribal Casinos & Resorts.

Format: Full or Half Day Workshops (25 delegates), Keynotes (45-90 minutes).



Have you heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression?” Your employees/audience may be losing business and brand reputation by the impressions they project to new and current customers.
I’m often asked, “Do first impressions still matter in today’s fast-paced world?” Yes, they matter more than ever. We live in a time when we are competing against weapons of mass distraction.

So, being “PACKAGED for SUCCESS” is crucial in today’s Distraction Economy where we are constantly competing to be noticed. My signature program “Packaged For Success” produces proven results in the profits of the companies I work with. Your audience, new hires, existing employees will be empowered to:


  • Increase Visibility and Presence.
  • Enhance Credibility.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge.
  • Create New Opportunities.
  • Accelerate Business Success.
  • Boost Revenue and Growth.
  • Create Career Advancement Possibilities.
  • Elevate Personal and Company Brand Reputation.

If this is what you need for your team or audience connect with me here. This highly customised presentation will leave your team/audience inspired and motivated to Step into their Unlimited Potential and be…

WHY Me and My Team?

  • A ten-year career at L’Oréal & Lancôme provided me with global hands-on experience to market powerful brands.
  • My “Packaged for Success” signature program has been implemented by hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals with proven results.
  • Working with an array of audiences – from college interns, C-suite executives, celebrities and over fourteen pageant winners (including Miss World 2014 and Miss Universe 2018) has provided me and my team with the ability to quickly adapt to different audience profiles.


  • ROI & ROE (Return on Engagement).
  • A customised presentation from videos to images to music to content. Adding a logo and mentioning the CEO’s name does not = customisation in my book! Participants often ask me “How long have you been working at __?”
  • A presentation that will add to your event’s memorable success.
  • I believe in making authentic connections – that’s why my clients call me back time and again.
  • As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) I strive for ongoing excellence.


  • Twenty years of international experience in the fields of professional presence, branding and success.
  • I share unique insights and powerful content that relates to their struggles/victories as interns, managers, entrepreneurs, salesmen, parents. Been there…and still printing the t-shirt!
  • INFO-tainment. They’re guaranteed to have FUN, whilst taking in valuable content.
  • Relevant, cutting edge info. The audience walks away thinking “that was really applicable to me.”
  • Practical tools for success – not text book theories. I draw from my experience as three-times business owner (consultancy, retail and manufacturing fields).
  • Motivation that you can have it all. I own a seven figure consultancy, whilst raising 3 kids including delightful, busy toddler twins at age 51.
  • My “Packaged For Success” book, ranked no.1 International Amazon Best Seller in 11 categories.
  • Passion and energy. I’m half Spanish-half Bolivian so this is in my DNA! I seldom stay on stage – no podium needed!


To ensure your event is a memorable success …