8 Essentials for a Successful Personal Brand

Whether by default or design we all have a personal brand. In today’s world it’s imperative to be in control of your brand and the message you wish it to be communicating if you would like to be Top of Mind.

1. Be Authentic

Be your own Brand! You are your own boss, you are the CEO of you. Build your brand on your true personality, it should reflect your character, behaviour, values and vision. It should be aligned with your personal ambition!

2. Integrity

Stick to the moral and behavioural code set down by your personal ambition.

3. Consistency

Be consistent in your behaviour, this takes courage. Can others always depend on you? Are you doing relevant things again and again and again? Are you known for something in particular like always having a tidy, organised desk?

4. What’s your Superpower?

Focus on one area in particular, be precise and concentrate on a single core talent or unique skill. Being a generalist without any specialised skills, abilities or talents will not make you unique and memorable.



5. Be Distinct

Distinguish yourself based on your brand. Your brand needs to be expressed in a unique way that is different from that of the competition and it needs to add value to others. It needs to be clearly defined so that its audience (clients, employers, colleagues) can quickly grasp what is stands for.

6. Be Relevant

Be relevant to your target audience and connect to what they consider important.

7. Visibility

You need to show up online and offline and increase your brand presence repeatedly until it is memorable in the minds of your audience (clients, employers, colleagues).

8. Have Patience

You need to give your brand time to grow and develop. You cannot take the elevator to Success you have to climb the stairs.