I recently received this e-mail from a past conference attendee …

“I need your advise. I love what I do yet many days I feel I’m stuck in a rut – doing the same thing over and over again. How can I re-gain the passion for my job again?”

Have you ever felt the same way? I have – a few times during my 21-year career. Sometimes all you need is a good night’s sleep, a mentor talk or a long vacation. If this isn’t enough, you need to put into action at least one of these seven Powerful Ways to Re-ignite your Passion for your Job :

1. Find Your Purpose (Your WHY?)

Sounds cliché but without knowing this you will always feel like something is “missing.” Discovering your WHY will help you to move with greater sense of joy, focus and clarity through your days and weeks. There is no other than Simon Sinek to equip you with the resources to help you get closer to your purpose, cause or belief.

2. Get Back to Basics.

Take one of these free tests and see if your current skills, talents, beliefs, values align to the work you do. Predictive Test Behavioral Styles  Enneagram Personality Style  Career Personality Match. Maybe these are no longer aligned to the organization you work for or the role you currently have – that’s why you may be feeling disconnected.

3. Reassess Your Needs.

What do you need that you’re not getting in your current role? Maybe your everyday tasks aren’t challenging you enough. Or you feel you are not being recognised for the work you do? Do you need more variety? money? Remember a time when you were excited and willing to tackle any duties that the day had in store for you? Write down what aspects of your job need to change to be able to ignite the passion for what you do again.

4. Change Something NOW.

Boredom is fed by procrastination. Focus on what you CAN change at work easily and do it TODAY. Each improvement will help you feel empowered and inspired e.g. if you want more variety in your role then find other areas at work that you could participate in and contribute to e.g. committees. If you’d like to build your network, ask someone that you admire for their work passion to meet for coffee and get insights on what fuels their passion. Remember: “The only constant in life is change.”

5. Avoid Routine.

Routine and boredom are related, avoid them by trying something new e.g. take a different route to work; schedule the time you perform your tasks differently; change where you eat your lunch; get to know someone from a different department; park in a different area of the parking lot; (if you can) change your office decor or furniture placement. I know of a manager that walks in through a different door of the building each day – so he can see the “organization” and people from different perspectives

6. Take Responsibility.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” It is up to you to step up to the plate, take responsibility and overcome your discontent. If you feel you cannot improve your job satisfaction by staying in this current job – find a new ONE! If you have a toxic colleague or manager speak to HR about it and ask them for advice on how to move forward.

7. Learn Something NEW.

You have many customers that speak a different language to yours and you’ve always wanted to learn it – do it! Need to build your confidence in speaking – join toastmasters or ask HR to send you on a presentation skills course – just do it! If you wish to gain daily insights on how to grow your impact and leadership skills follow me on social media. Put these tips into action and in no time you will re-ignite the passion for your work again, if not …you might need to move departments or organizations!

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