5 Essentials To Control in Uncontrollable Times

I don’t know about you but what’s happening in our lives and the world right now, feels surreal – almost like we’re in a movie no one auditioned for.

To navigate through these uncontrollable times, it’s crucial to take back control of what you can, whilst helping others to do the same. Here are the 5 essentials you can take control of right now:

1. Focus on the Choices you make 

from your attitude to your thoughts and the words you choose. Use the THINK acronym below before you speak, write an email or respond to a post.

2. Focus on Showing UP…

for those who look to you for encouragement and support. Show up as a leader in your appearance, your body language, even your tone of voice. Right now what are you saying visually and verbally? I “I feel defeated” or “We got this.”

3. Focus on Opportunities 

At a time when your competition is sitting on the sidelines until this blows over, do the opposite. Take a pulse on employee/customer sentiment. Send a quick engagement survey asking crucial questions to see how they are feeling right now, ask for suggestions on how you can support them. Surveymonkey is a great tool to use for this.

Find ways to support your team and customers and when this passes they will see you as the employer and customer brand of choice.

4. Focus on how you Spend your Time

Both personally and professionally. Maybe it’s time for you to refresh your vision, mission, values – connect with me here for some ideas.

Discover how to master your “Resilience Factor” and make a significant impact on your future success. Check out these fantastic 3 book summaries from Soundview (free of charge, to read or listen to) to assist in helping you stay on course. Pass them along to friends and colleagues.


Create Online Groups. Bring in experts who provide valuable skills in professional/ personal development areas to overcome uncertain times and build stronger teams, communities and families.

5. Focus on “Richer” Communication

to foster inclusivity, visibility and engagement. Isolation can lead to depression. Kick-off and wrap up each day with 10-minute face to face meetings. Especially if working remotely – bonding with others at this time is essential. Encourage socialization with 1:1 virtual coffee breaks. Use a video call app – I’ve tried and tested a few and found Zoom to be the best.

If we want to profoundly shift our experience during these turbulent circumstances – it’s essential to operate from a place of faith rather than fear. We’re in this together, let’s use this time to Retreat Reflect and Rebuild to Reemerge stronger than before.

I’m here to help — whether it’s providing advice, helping to plan or just needing to connect. Sending you courage, strength and inspiration!