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Building positive relationships and getting along with others is crucial for your career success. Easier said than done you may say – you haven’t met my boss or haven’t dealt with my new “challenging” client…Having been in business for 23 years …I think I might have met someone similarly as challenging.
So here are some tips to assist you in building and maintaining positive work relationships:

1. Become approachable: let others get to know you …the person – build a human connection. Get to know them around the photocopier, participate at meetings. Others will get to know you and like you for who you really are and not just hearsay. Open up and you’ll definitely start building relationships with those you don’t know.

2. Help out: when you can clearly see someone is in desperate need of help, ask how you can assist. Share your knowledge and expertise with others. Your support will create a bond of trust between you and your colleagues. Obviously, you need to set up boundaries and not get caught up in helping others at the sake of your priorities.

3. Deliver on time: delivering excellent work on time is essential to others seeing you as a trusted source which will assist in building relationships. Always follow through and do what you say you’ll do.

4. Communicate effectively: focus on the facts and issues, not personalities, when you discuss work matters and challenges. Respond to requests by emphasizing what you can do to help meet them.

5. Approach others directly: when you have a concern, work them out with the source, not via others. Be direct and sincere.

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6. Never participate in gossip: this is the quickest way in destroying existing and potential relationships. No one has ever been promoted because they were the best office gossiper. When Thuli starts to tell you some “juicy” news say “You shouldn’t always believe what you hear.”

7. Respect: others opinions, viewpoints and don’t try to impose yours onto them.

8. Develop your listening skills: listen and don’t rush in to give advice when you have not been asked to do so.

9. Share your contacts: in addition to sharing your skills and knowledge with colleagues, it also helps to share the contacts in your address book. Link them up with your trusted suppliers, vendors – this will also increase their confidence in your advise.

10. An attitude of gratitude: a thank you email/note or a small gift can go along way to build relationships. Ensure you always show your appreciation and gratitude to those who have helped you at work.

Building positive relationships at work provides excellent opportunities to help you get your job done more efficiently.



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