10 Powerful Ways To Build Your Value

This article is based on my Access4Success interview with Gerad Hardy – multi-property GM and VP at Penn National Gaming. Prefer to watch the video? See below article.

Haydee – Right now how can we build our value?


Here are 10 powerful tips I’ve personally used that have worked for me throughout my 26 year career:

1. Create a “Who Can I add Value To” List.

Many of us are battling with our own identity right now. Who are we if we’re not managers? Who are we if we’re not successful? Or productive? It’s almost a self-inflicted sense of “internalized managerialism” where we cloak ourselves in “work” as a defensive posture against the uncertainty of everything that is going on. And what do we do? We create checklists and to do lists. Put your to-do list  on hold at some point of the day. Focus on a “Who can I add value to list?”  Who can you help be or feel better? Be it team members, others in your organization or community. When you turn off your “Internal Managerialism” and start thinking about who you can add value to – you feel more connected and less anxious.


If you’re thinking of in which ways you can add value. Think of your strengths or skills people always compliment you on. You may have great interviewing skills or are a “star resume writer”. Help those looking for jobs with your knowledge on how to ace the interview process.

2. Learn to Manage Yourself First.

Choices make us, crisis reveals us. The hardest leadership challenge you have is leading yourself in times of uncertainty. A crisis reveals what’s inside you – as a leader you need to manage this before you can manage others. We have control over our choice of how we manage our inner thoughts and how we chose to show up. You have the choice to show up as authentic or dishonest. Passionate or apathetic. Compassionate or Indifferent.

3. Take On A New Role.

Take this opportunity to take on a new role. Ask your leader, “How can I add value?” What will be important when your business or division re-opens? Be the donkey from Shrek – who jumps up and down shouting, “Pick Me!” when they are looking for someone to lead the “Virtual Team-Building Group” or to help out with the delivery of meals. Give yourself a new title – you could be the CC – Chief Cheerleader or the CFT – Chief Future Thinker.


Many people may be going through some breakdown moments right now. In the past I’ve had many a breakdown moment. Followed right after by some of my biggest life breakthroughs – the start of my business; obtaining my biggest client; even meeting my husband. I’ve given myself a new title – CBE “Chief Breakthrough Executive”. I encourage you to take that role on for this time.

So Gerad what is the 4th way of adding value?

4. Focus On the Team’s Mission.

It’s easy to lose focus on the big picture during times of change and uncertainty. Remind everyone of the team’s mission – don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to accomplish. Help bring conversations from tactics to strategy. Many of my team members are furloughed right now, so I created a Facebook page just for my leaders. Even though its social interaction it keeps us focused as a team. Just because we’re apart it doesn’t mean we have to stop being a team.


And if you’re not leading a team, re-look at your personal mission in life.

5. Set Yourself a Growth Goal.

Re-invest your time to gain new skills for your personal, professional, physical and spiritual growth. Gain a new competency you can take back to the office once the doors reopen. Every day I spend about 45 minutes, just scouring the internet for something new and ways to think differently – out of the box – whilst we are living in the box! Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.


This is more essential than ever Gerad. I believe Success = Preparation + Opportunity. If you are not prepared, opportunities are going to move right past you and you won’t even see them. For the first time the world has given us global permission to ReSet, ReBoot, so we can ReEmerge stronger than before. Make sure your online and offline brand is saying “I’m ready for Success and Opportunity”.

6. Keep Your Head Above The Crowd.

As leaders we want to be shoulder to shoulder with our teams, but your role is to keep your vision forward facing, so you see the big picture. If you don’t, you’ll be lost in the details. Continue to keep your head above the crowd, looking to the future.

7. Take The Initiative.

Instead of just waiting for the latest directives, take the initiative to help, stay connected, and ready. Research best practices for WFH (working from home), preparing your “best of” list (customized for your organization) and sharing it with your team’s decision makers.

8. Have a Visible Presence.

Leadership is needed now more than ever. It’s tempting to fade into the background now that your co-workers and/or managers aren’t on the other side of the cubicle. Don’t let that happen. The meeting room is now virtual. Show up early, show up with a sense of purpose. Have face to face conversations for a more personal and human connection.


You know how passionate I am about having a “Powerful Presence”. I have dedicated chapters in my Packaged For Success book on how building an online and offline presence can increase your value in the hearts and minds of others. People can feel your energy and presence. How does that translate virtually? In today’s world it’s not just about connecting through “word of mouth but also word of mouse.” What do you look like and sound like virtually? Recruiters are receiving 500 resumes a day. If you’re sending yours out how does it stand out from the rest? What about instead of just having a written resume, you have a video resume too? You need to upgrade yourself virtually.

9. Praise and Acknowledge.

Leaders don’t seek praise, we bestow it. You don’t have to be in the office to appreciate someone. Amp up your gratitude, amp up how you express it to people. Change your thinking around this. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, a 5 minute Zoom call to praise and acknowledge someone.

10. Get to know others. 

A co-worker may be caring for susceptible elderly parents or dealing with other medical issues. Whether your colleagues are WFH or going to the office, make it your mission to check in on them and support them in unique ways. Use this crisis to really get to know your fellow team members.


Right now INACTION is one of your biggest enemies. Focus on at least 1 of the 10 ways above to build your value; and set you up for success and new opportunities.

We’re in this together, let’s use this time to ReSet to ReEmerge stronger than before.