A Quick Way to Stand Out in Business

In this fast-paced business world when we are competing to be noticed here is a quick way to make your personal brand stand out from the crowd…No you don’t need to walk around in your birthday suit! Instead write a PAN (Personal Acknowledgement Note) to a client, colleague or manager.

3 Rules for Writing a PAN

Look out for a specific attribute someone displays that make them stand out for you e.g being punctual, presenting with ease, asking questions in meetings or always willing to go the extra mile on a project or task.

  • As soon as you notice this trait or behavior in someone’s handwriting (not email) a note and post it or put it on their desk.
  • Acknowledge, not compliment. When acknowledging, you take out the word ‘I’ or ‘me’. So instead of saying “Dear Liz, I think you are always punctual and I want to thank you for this”. You say…

Dear Liz,
At exactly 07h45 a.m. the door to our office opened and there you were – just like you said you would be. Being on time is a wonderful way to say you respect others and demonstrates your work ethic and commitment.
Thank you,

Make sure you write these PAN’s on paper that embodies your brand “persona” and not just a “sticky note”

Write at least 3 PAN’s (Personal Acknowledgement Note’s) weekly.

I learned about PAN’s from Joel Stumpf CEO of By Referral Only. They have proven over and over again to be one of the best ways to acknowledge someone, elevate their spirit whilst making your brand stand out. Practice it – you’ll benefit hugely from it.