The Best Kept Secret You’re Not Using

I was recently on a FB group and someone posted. “Ok, so I joined this LinkedIn thingy, now what?” I laughed because not so long ago I was that person. You could be thinking “I Joined LinkedIn a while ago – where are the contacts? Where is the business?”

Or … You might not have a LinkedIn account.  In this case, stop reading! Go to and set up an account ASAP. I’ll wait… OK, now we can carry on. I confess,  a year ago I was not a fan of LinkedIn – now I’m Groupie! Why? It’s brought me a ton of contacts and quality business, I would not have had I not been active on it. If you are serious about business, LinkedIn is one of the best kept secrets and most important online platforms. Why?

  • Your LinkedIn profile increases your professional brand’s credibility and visibility.
  • Your profile shows up in search results, even if the reader does not have a LinkedIn account.
  • It can help you get your dream job.
  • It helps you find people you know so they can connect you to the people you want to know…giving you a warm lead.

Do you see how important your LinkedIn profile is? Now, let’s make it AMAZING so you get the recognition and bank balance you deserve! The 9 LinkedIn MUSTS I learned along the way:

1. Make Your Headline Count.

This is prime property. Don’t just put a job title. Combine a unique “what I do” title with a tagline that shows how you help. See mine here.

2. Claim your LinkedIn personal URL.

Select edit public profile on the right home menu; click on it and in the right-hand, vertical menu on your public profile page, select edit public profile URL. Replace the random numbers LinkedIn has assigned to you with your name. Using a personal URL is great for branding and ensuring people find and remember you.

3. A picture says…

Make sure your photo speaks to your target market. If they wear jackets…wear a jacket. Have a professional picture taken. Don’t show a selfie with you holding your dog around the pool.

4. Don’t Sell on LinkedIn.

When you go on a first date, do you ask the person to marry you? I hope you don’t. Why would you do it on LinkedIn then? This is the place to start and build relationships. Don’t sell until you’ve taken the conversation to a personal level. Offline, or via a phone or Skype strategy session.

5. What Not to Say…

If you notice someone you don’t know viewed your profile, don’t message them. “I notice you viewed my profile”! If they want to reach out to you – they will. By the way if you are viewing someone’s profile and you don’t want them to know – go to profile privacy settings, profile viewing and select private.

6. How to invite someone you haven’t met.

Write a message to them that goes something like…“I really enjoyed reading your insights on (recent article they shared or posted) ______. I was wondering if you would be interested in connecting here on LinkedIn. I believe a person is only as strong as their alliances and would love to join your LinkedIn Network as a quality connection.”

7. Ask for recommendations.

from people who know you, including current and past colleagues and clients. How to ask: “I’m writing to ask if you’d be willing to write a LinkedIn recommendation for me that highlights my _______skills. Ideally, I’d love for you to outline the experience you had working with me. As you know, I’m working hard to get my brand recognized in the _____industry. Thanking you in advance.

8. The summary section is not about you.

You need to word it so it’s not about you. It should be about their challenges and pain points. And how your services/products will solve these. Focus on benefits (what’s in it for them) and not the process or procedure (the how you will do it).

9. Post relevant content often.

LinkedIn is an authority site so having fresh content will boost you search results on LinkedIn and Google. Posting regular content helps keep that all-important conversation going and keeps you in your potential client’s eye. It also increases your star profile rating. Aim to post an article once a week. A business related post (a few lines with a great image) at least 3 times a week. Share others articles daily if you can.

If you use it correctly, LinkedIn will become the most phenomenal tool for building your online professional brand, increasing your credibility and profitability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use it to its full potential.


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