5 Ways to Bond With Your Customer Prior To Re-Opening

You and your organization may be amidst preparations to re-open. What are you doing to stand out in the minds and hearts of your customers? How are you bonding with them on an H-H (human to human level)? Below are powerful ways to reinforce your brand’s bond to your customer before re-opening. Put your take to these and provide your suggestions to the individuals in your company who can implement them. In doing you’re also showing your personal brand value and commitment to elevate the customer’s brand experience.

1. “Humanize” Your Home Page

In the last few days, I’ve looked at various website home pages. Either they have the standard Covid19 or a “see you soon” notice – same applies to FB top banners. This is valuable 5th avenue property your company is not using. Humanize the company’s brand by adding humans right up front! This is an opportunity to show your guests and customers how your teams are getting ready to welcome them back again. No need for an expensive production shoot.  Capture real, authentic content that will resonate with audiences the most – make it fun and informative. To date, I’ve only seen this video from Angel of the Winds Casino do a version of this. 

2. Align Your Organization’s Core Values

In your re-opening messages ensure you align your organization’s core values. Here is one of the best ad examples of how to do this from a  fast-food chain in South Africa before they went into lockdown. You can reverse engineer it for an opening ad. 

3. Add Value To Your Customers’ Everyday Routine

Highlight team members who are great cooks or work-out “ninjas”. Have them share their recipes from their home kitchens or exercise routines from their backyards. You can use it to share messages of hope and inspiration – here’s how the host team at Sycuan Casino did it.

4. Ask Your Customers Why They Missed You

The most powerful way to advertise your brand is by your existing customers telling others about your brand. List your most loyal customers or those that have been calling you asking “When are you re-opening?” Ask them what they have missed the most about your property, product, service, or your team members. Create a video collage with their answers. Real customers and unscripted humanize your brand so much more than actors or well-crafted scripts. Here’s a fantastic example of how Barona Casino Resort did this before Covid19.

5. Make Your Customer the Hero

Run a hero challenge on social media. Ask your customers to nominate family members, friends or colleagues they consider heroes for various reasons. Here’s an example of a UK social media campaign.

Are you reminding your customers about the exciting experiences they have had with your brand? Are you getting them excited about what to look forward to once you re-open? This Muckleshoot Casino video is a perfect example of how to humanize the brand experience!


Right now you have a captive audience – use every touchpoint to add value before re-opening in UNIQUE ways. The more committed you are to “humanizing” your brand the deeper the bond you will create with your guest or customer.

It’s time to re-emerge stronger and better than before.  I’m a phone call /email away to help you, your teams and organization increase your chances of success in this “new norm”.