3 Quick Ways to Create a Powerful Online Reputation

Think back ten years… What were you doing?

I can tell you one thing you weren’t doing…Posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Even from just a decade ago, our online world has changed dramatically!

A little while ago, I short listed three candidates for an assistant position. Before my final decision I did an online search on each. One was guzzling beer from a funnel in a drinking competition. The other had posted “Currently looking for any job to pay for my European vacation.”

Today, anyone can know almost anything about you with a few clicks of the mouse. We live in a world where your reputation can be made or broken through not only word of mouth but also word of “mouse”.

Here are three ways to help you create and manage a powerful online brand reputation…

1. Google Yourself. 

Sounds simple right? But have you taken the time to do this? I have a google alert set for my name and my companies, in that way I can constantly manage any posts that may appear. Set your google alert here, then if you find unflattering or incorrect information, you can work to remedy it immediately.  Don’t let an inappropriate post/photo or unforgiving article stand in the way of your next promotion, big break or even worse ruin your career.

2. Create a Personal Website.

Managing your reputation doesn’t have to be entirely about removing the bad. Many times it’s making sure something positive comes up when people look. A personal website is a great way to publish your skills, talents and interests in a fun and professional way, whilst having all the control! It’s your online business card/resume in today’s digital world.

3. Write a Book Review on Amazon.

 This is a great little trick to get your name out there in the area you’re looking to establish your personal brand and expertise in. Find books you’ve read and write a thoughtful and insightful review. It will push any negative press down to the second page of Google and help you build your expertise and credibility when anyone looks you up.

By using these quick steps, alongside sensible social media posting, you’ll ensure your online brand reputation is a powerful one.

Here’s to your online brand SUCCESS!