Are you ready to create a STAND OUT brand to gain the recognition and bank balance you deserve?

Is this coaching for you? It is if you are…

– An entrepreneur, consultant or business owner who sells your expertise, time and talent.

– A professional who wants to fast track your career and become a leader in your field.

Have you ever heard the quote “it’s hard to read the label while you’re sitting inside the jar“? It’s true!
Self – branding, marketing, positioning and obtaining clients can be tough. Diagnosing your personal brand, image, mindset issues can be difficult.

With over twenty years in the impression management and personal branding field under my belt, I’ve zoned into the secret sauce for success.

I have laser-like focus ability to diagnose and fix challenges you may be experiencing but not even aware of.
My specialty is positioning and building a successful personal brand that aligns to your business brand.
Sometimes it’s an evolution of your brand, other times a complete 360-degree revolution.

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What are the pre-requisites for working with me?

  • We get on a 20-minute discovery call where we will both determine if we are the “right fit” to work together.
  • A 100 % level of commitment.

My sessions are tailor-made to meet your personal, career and business goals. I incorporate the “Packaged For Success” system to ensure you are equipped to:

  • Radiate a Powerful Online and Offline Presence.
  • Enhance Credibility as a Trusted Advisor.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge.
  • Create New Opportunities.
  • Accelerate Business Success.
  • Impact Profits and Sales.

Step into your Unlimited Potential & be…


What Haydee’s Clients Are Saying…

  • I can say that your coaching changed my life. And thanks to you I am living my dream. It has changed how I dress at work, how I take care of my clients, but also my personal life. My sales have increased. My relationships with clients and colleagues have improved a lot and nothing can get me down. 

    Nita Pelzer – Sales Manager – CIB Insurance
  • Going through Haydee’s program I personally realized that when you look good you feel good and confident and you want to take on the world. And by the way – you don’t have to be rich to look good. Like you said, a few pieces of quality items, a good fit, some mixing and matching, and you good to go. 

    Eva Jacobs – Business Manager
  • I was at my Final year of Studies looking towards breaking into the Finance industry when you coached me –  I  struggled to stand out, but every word of your coaching spoke to me from Dressing for Success into becoming the Brand of choice. I must say since that day I have not looked back. I am now a Private Banker – thank you Haydee!

    Oletta Ntshane – Private Banker
  • Thank you for making me feel at ease in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Many women feel intimidated by having a complete stranger look at their figure, wardrobe and the style choices that they have lived with for many years. Haydee was extremely professional, friendly, yet open and honest in a non-threatening manner. I am now very conscious of what to avoid as well as where to be a bit more daring.

    Ursula Du Preez – Product Manager – AstraZeneca
  • My personalized consultation was a truly refreshing experience. I look forward to renewing my wardrobe. ‘Shopping for clothes’ is no longer an effort, as I now have direction and can make quick and effective decisions.

    Janine Smit – General Manager – Kintetsu World Express

To step into your unlimited potential and be…

If you are ready to create a STAND OUT brand and gain the recognition and bank balance you deserve…

Then you need someone with the knowledge and experience to help you get there. This is where I come in….

  • Whether you are starting from scratch or breathing new life into an existing business, entering this program is key to catapulting you and your business to the next level.
  • I provide the Accountability Factor – this alone will fast forward your success.
  • You’ll obtain powerful strategies and tools customised to achieve your business and financial goals.
  • As a three x business owner of seven-figure businesses,  I can help you apply certain proven principles and strategies for your success.
  • I’m half-Spanish, half-Bolivian, passion and energy are in my DNA! My clients say its contagious!

 A little bit about me…

After obtaining degrees in Marketing and Advertising, I started a successful ten year career as Marketing Executive for cosmetic giant L’Oréal. This provided me with eye-opening global experience. I’ve spent over thirty years researching, studying and working with successful, powerful personal brands. My message has reached over 30 000 professionals and entrepreneurs in medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies helping them transform their careers and business success.

I eat, drink, sleep branding. I’m obsessed with everything pertaining building powerful, successful brands.


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Every coaching session is customised to your needs. These are some of the ways I can help you:

  • Assistance picking a lane or transitioning to a new lane that will lead to your dream lifestyle.
  • A personal brand action plan: Target Market, Positioning, TM reach
  • A marketing plan to impact your audience.
  • Conceptualising your brand look and feel – refresh or restart.
  • Develop/Rework marketing materials (i.e.: website, business card)
  • Create new language/copy for marketing.
  • Assisting with briefing website developers, logo designers.
  • Strategies to implement to build brand credibility and trust.
  • Steps to help you obtain a unique advantage over your competition.
  • Develop roll-out strategies for capturing new business.
  • Identify best social media channels for your brand.
  • Social media calendar.
  • Developing of content for social media, blogs.
  • How to craft your message into an EPIC speech.
  • Presentation skills to make you stand out.
  • Ways to get speaking engagements NOW.
  • Your dress style signature to suit your brand and target market.
  • Establishing a mind-set of success.


 I want to invest in my success so I select the…

PLATINUM PACKAGE = 15 private coaching sessions 60 minutes each  = $ 7 995

GOLD PACKAGE = 10 private coaching sessions 45 minutes each (on an as needed basis) = + 8 monthly emails $ 4 995

SILVER PACKAGE = 5 private coaching sessions 45 minutes each (on an as needed basis) + 4 monthly emails = $ 2 795

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