6 or 12 private session packages

For Whom?

Entrepeneurs, consultants, small business owners who sell their expertise, time and talent

Professionals who want to fast track their careers


Haydee’s Impression Management coaching sessions are tailor made to meet your personal, career and business goals. She incorporates the “Packaged For Success” system to guarantee that you are equipped to:

Command Powerful Presence

“Create New Opportunities in your career/business

Accelerate your Success

Increase your Credibility as a Trusted Advisor in today’s “Distraction Economy”

Enhance both your personal and company’s Brand Reputation

Radiate a Magnetism that influences others

Increase online and offline confidence

Stand out in the Distraction Economy

Enhanced persuasion and influence skills

Increase bottom line, sales and income

Step into your Unlimited Potential & be…