I love my job but….

I received this e-mail from a client and I wondered if you ever felt the same way…

“I would like to ask you how I can put the passion back into my job. I love my job and I thank God for giving me this opportunity every day but …
I feel I’m doing the same thing over and over again. I need some advice on how to put the love back into my job.”

Do you feel demotivated every morning at the thought of getting up and going to work?

Remember a time when you were excited and willing to tackle any duties that the day had in store for you?

Follow these tips to bring back the passion for your work:

1. Avoid routine.
Routine and boredom are related, avoid them by trying something new e.g. take a different route to work, schedule the time you perform your tasks differently; take your lunch outside the office instead of sitting at your desk or office cafeteria; strike a conversation with someone new; park in a different area of the parking lot.

2. Get back to basics.
Re-asses your strengths (talents, skills, passion that fulfill your purpose). What are your core values? Maybe these are no longer aligned to the company you work for – so you feel disconnected.

3. Find  your purpose.
Sounds cliché but without knowing this you will always feel like something is “missing”- however great work may be.
At some point you may have asked yourself  “What should I do with my life?” Most people, find this difficult to answer. Be inspired to discover the impact you are meant to have on the world! Discovering your life purpose can help you to move with greater focus and clarity every day of your life.


4. Reassess your career.
Focus on your needs – what do you need that you are not getting at work? Perhaps a more challenging role or tasks? Recognition for the work you do? More variety? More money? Write down a list of what aspects of your job need to change for you to find the passion at work again.

5. Change something now.
Boredom is fed by procrastination. Focus on what you CAN change at work easily and do it TODAY. Each improvement will help you feel empowered and more motivated e.g. if you want more variety in your role then find other areas at work that you could participate in and contribute to. If you want to build better working relationships with the new HR manager ask her/him to join you after lunch.

Remember: “The only constant in life is change.”


6. Take responsibility.
Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”
It is up to you to step up to the plate, take responsibility and overcome your discontent. Whatever the reason behind your loss of passion for your job, it is only you that can work on improving your situation. So if you honestly feel that you cannot improve your job satisfaction by staying in this current job – find a new JOB! If a specific colleague/manager is really affecting the passion for your job speak to HR about it and ask them for advice on how to handle this person.

7. Reward yourself.
Be your best cheerleader. Give yourself a pat on the back for tackling that difficult project and treat yourself to something that you deserve. Celebrating the small stuff helps you see what is going right for you.

8. Learn something new.
Doing this wil re-ignite the flame of motivation and inspiration.  Sign up for a Predictive Index course (to learn about different personality types and how to best work with all of them) contact Karen at www.insightstogrowth.com. Listen to a webinar/podcast on leadership or teamwork; browse industry relevant blogs for new ideas or information. At all times increase and build your knowledge base.

Put these tips into action and in no time you will re-ignite the passion for your work again, if not …you might need to move!

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